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Israel Last Mile Delivery


Israel Last Mile Delivery
Last Mile Solution
Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

Streamlined Journey

  • Step 1: Package data & classification received from shipper.

  • Step 2: Items arrive to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport.

  • Step 3: Item scanning & Pre-clearance customs procedure.

  • Step 4: Customs release status update.

  • Step 5: Transportation to Main distribution center.

Customs Clearance

Last Mile Delivery

On-Time, Consumer Focused Delivery

Today’s consumers expect to get their online purchases at their doorstep in a swift and hassle-free process.


We pride ourselves on running a robust, innovative, and agile distribution network that ensures both on - time and easy delivery - and attentive customer care.

Last Mile Delivery
Last Mile Delivery
Last Mile Returns

Last Mile Returns

Easy and hassle free

  • Step 1: Easy Integration for returns process.

  • Step 2: Door Pick up / Store Location Pick Up.

  • Step 3: Consolidated Return / Single Item return.

  • Step 4: Cost effective rates.

Last Mile Returns

The only company in Israel that offers

3 Different Last Mile Distribution Networks

In-Person Delivery
In-Person Delivery

In-Person Delivery

A pathway for high-value items requiring signed POD

  • 500+ routes daily.

  • 35 in-person distribution centers.

  • 08:00-20:00 delivery window.

  • Next-Day delivery across Israel.

  • Same-Day delivery in metro area.

  • Pre delivery notice by SMS.

Doorstep Delivery
Store Pick Up

Doorstep Delivery

For low-value items that don’t require recipient signature

  • 2,500+ courier routes every day.

  • 200+ local distribution centers.

  • 10 million items delivered monthly.

  • Delivery status updated at drop-off.

  • 2 days from sorting center to delivery.

  • POD mobile solution.

  • Sole private-sector mailbox deliverer.

  • Delivery update, no signature required.

  • Mobile proof of Delivery (Photo & GPS).

Doorstep Delivery
Store Pick Up

Store Pick Up

A full signature delivery at a very attractive cost

  • 1000 stores locations across Israel.

  • 1,500 PUDO planned for 2020.

  • 1-2 day delivery across Israel.

  • Advanced Email/SMS notification.

  • Automatic POD available.

  • Automatically proof of delivery.

israel map last mile

Distribution to all communities in Israel

We perform 480,000 Home deliveries per day

All Communities in Israel
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

  • Calls are recorded + documented.

  • Available 6-days a week.

  • Full ACD system.

  • Daily statistics per agent.

  • 92% calls answered within 1 min.

  • Abandoned calls – 2%.

Customer Service

Real time IT system

Connects all distribution centers and mobile platforms

  • Step 1: 3 delivery platforms on one single system.

  • Step 2: Easy Integration with partner systems.

  • Step 3: Acceptance to most Customer labels and tracking numbers mechanisms.

  • Step 4: Pre clearance Based on Digital data file.

  • Step 5: Customer can choose statuses used from variety of range.

Real time IT system

Challenge us

So if you are looking for a quick and effective solution, we are here to help you!

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