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Seamless, Trackable, On-Time

Mailog delivery network provides a seamless pathway for imported e-commerce products to enter Israel, clear customs, and reach their destinations on time

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

Doorstep Delivery

Doorstep Delivery

Customer Service

Service Per Agent

Last Mile delivery

Last Mile Delivery

Store Pick Up

Store Pick Up

Real-Time IT System

Real-Time IT System

Last Mile Returns

Last Mile Returns

In-Person Delivery

In-Person Delivery

All Communities in Israel

Throughout Israel


Customs Clearance

Streamlined Journey

  • Step 1: Package data & classification received from shipper.

  • Step 2: Items arrive to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport.

  • Step 3: Item scanning & Pre-clearance customs procedure.

  • Step 4: Customs release status update.

  • Step 5: Transportation to Main distribution center.


Last Mile Delivery

On-Time, Consumer Focused Delivery

Today’s consumers expect to get their online purchases at their doorstep in a swift and hassle-free process.


We pride ourselves on running a robust, innovative, and agile distribution network that ensures both on - time and easy delivery - and attentive customer care.


Last Mile Returns

Easy and hassle free

  • Step 1: Easy Integration for returns process.

  • Step 2: Door Pick up / Store Location Pick Up.

  • Step 3: Consolidated Return / Single Item return.

  • Step 4: Cost effective rates.


The only company in Israel that offers

3 Different Last Mile Distribution Networks


In-Person Delivery

A pathway for high-value items requiring signed POD

  • 500+ routes daily.

  • 35 in-person distribution centers.

  • 08:00-20:00 delivery window.

  • Next-Day delivery across Israel.

  • Same-Day delivery in metro area.

  • Pre delivery notice by SMS.


Doorstep Delivery

For low-value items that don’t require recipient signature

  • 2,500+ courier routes every day.

  • 200+ local distribution centers.

  • 10 million items delivered monthly.

  • Delivery status updated at drop-off.

  • 2 days from sorting center to delivery.

  • POD mobile solution.

  • Sole private-sector mailbox deliverer.

  • Delivery update, no signature required.

  • Mobile proof of Delivery (Photo & GPS).

Store Pick Up

A full signature delivery at a very attractive cost

  • 1000 stores locations across Israel.

  • 1,500 PUDO planned for 2020.

  • 1-2 day delivery across Israel.

  • Advanced Email/SMS notification.

  • Automatic POD available.

  • Automatically proof of delivery.

Distribution to all communities in Israel

We perform 480,000 Home deliveries per day


Customer Experience

  • Calls are recorded + documented.

  • Available 6-days a week.

  • Full ACD system.

  • Daily statistics per agent.

  • 92% calls answered within 1 min.

  • Abandoned calls – 2%.


Real time IT system

Connects all distribution centers and mobile platforms

  • Step 1: 3 delivery platforms on one single system.

  • Step 2: Easy Integration with partner systems.

  • Step 3: Acceptance to most Customer labels and tracking numbers mechanisms.

  • Step 4: Pre clearance Based on Digital data file.

  • Step 5: Customer can choose statuses used from variety of range.


Challenge us

So if you are looking for a quick and effective solution, we are here to help you!

The Mailog Group is Israel’s leader in complex delivery operations.

We serve many of Israel’s top companies and international leaders.

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